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by Relationship Expert, April Masini

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Think & Date Like a Man

A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Become The Woman Who Gets the Man
She Wants...and Keeps Him

Do you know the signs a man gives when he’s ready to be in a committed relationship? Do you know what to do to attract and date (and marry) successful men? Do you know when to have sex in a relationship? Are you a woman who’s relationships end in disappointment and anger or tears? Or both.

Think & Date Like A Man is not for the faint-of-heart, the easily embarrassed, or ladies wanting a feel-good session. It's direct, refreshingly real, and at times, down and dirty, just like actual relationships with men!

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Think and Date Like a Man

Date Out Of Your League!

Find out how to date out of your league and win with women. Discover what women really want and get tips on how to have better sex. 
Learn how to date the woman you want...
not the one you'll settle for.

Are you tired of dating all the wrong women, or worse… of having no dates at all? Do you want to learn the secrets about women that most men will never know? Are you ready to start dating the women you want -- not the ones you settle for? Do you wish you could date out of your league -- but are afraid you’ll get shot down? Don’t be. Not any more.

You can date out of your league -- and Date Out Of Your League will tell you exactly how to do it!

-- If you want to learn the truth about how to win with women
-- If you want to uncover the hidden facts for attracting the hottest women
-- If you want to take the guesswork out of how to date 9’s and 10’s, and
-- If you are ready to become one of those guys who gets what he want (especially when it comes to women)…

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Date Out of Your League

Ideas for a Fun Date

A step-by-step guide to follow for first dates,
rules for the second date, cheap date ideas,
fun and inexpensive dates single
parents can do with kids.

Leaving nothing to chance, Ideas for a Fun Date tells you exactly what to do -- and exactly how to do it.

-- Learn the rules for first dates and second dates
-- Find out what to say, what to do, and how to dress on dates
-- Get unique cheap date ideas
-- Find inexpensive, fun, dates to do when you're dating single parents with kids
-- Find out how to get the conversation started  

Every single step – from where to go, to what to wear, to what to say and do – is all spelled out for you in detail and specifics...

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Ideas for a Fun Date

Romantic Date Ideas

Learn how to spice up your sex life with romantic date ideas; find great marriage proposal ideas, stay at home date ideas, romantic tips for couples, and more...

If you want specifics, here they are. Romantic Date Ideas is your road map for romance with the tips and step-by-step instructions you need, like:  

--  Romantic marriage proposal ideas and unique ideas on how to "pop the question"

-- Sexy, easy to do, stay-at-home date ideas

-- Budget conscience (some down-right cheap), but very romantic, date ideas  

This book is full of truly unique and romantic ideas that are guaranteed to improve your sex life, deepen relationship and make your level of intimacy soar.

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Romantic Date Ideas

Reviews"Inspiring!!!" -- Melinda Yarborough"Insightful and overflowing with helpful information. An in your face motivator!" -- S. Spencer"April opens up in true girlfriend form." -- Heather Froeschl"In your face motivation" -- Patricia"A book that will help any woman find and keep the man of her dreams." -- Paula Henderson"A perspicacious and a must read. It's the real thing." -- Debbie Schlussel"One of the best books on picking up women...by a woman!" -- Chris Sellick"The fantasy of all average Joes..." -- Melanie Risdon"'Date Out Of Your League' will inspire you." -- Lisa Ann Williamson"April Masini is" -- Steve Kasper"Not just for singles...all men need a review." -- Ginger Cohran"A great book that tells the truth!" -- Alex Hamilton"Informative and insightful without being preachy." -- Jeffrey Katz"A Five Star Guide for Men." -- Lamont"'Think & Date Like A Man' is a winner!" -- Shirley Roe"Success! No more bad first dates!" -- Spencer Christian"A valuable tool for committed couples!" -- Jessica Phoenix